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Week 7 updates

Hello Commuters! Now that everyone is good and busy with Midterms and projects due before Spring Break, we’ll be starting to do some more events to give your brain a little bit of a rest. Next week we’ll be having a movie night so look out for details about that. There’s also plenty of things going on around campus that are FREE for students and are just some cool activities to take part in.

Basketball and hockey are still going on so watch for those home games and get out to support the Huskies! Follow this link below to check out the schedule.


The Tech Theater will be putting on Antigone again this weekend and it is again FREE for students! Midterm grades will be available next week, so remember to check those out and gauge how you’re doing in your classes. Figure out what you need to focus more on to do the best you can this semester. Also with Spring Break coming up remember to relax, have fun, and be safe!