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Registration and Getting things done

It’s time for registration! Below are some tips to make sure you get into the classes you need to stay on track!

Make sure you know what time you will be able to register for classes. It says on Banweb under the Students > Registration tab, then Check Registration Status.

Check out the schedule of classes. Figure out what you need to take, how quickly they seem to be filling up, and what sections will work for your schedule.

Save the CRNs. This will save a bunch of trouble when you’re trying to get everything done as quickly as possible. They are marked on the course page and link to descriptions of those courses.

If you haven’t met with your adviser, I would highly recommend it before the end of the semester (preferably before finals when everything gets insane).

We’re reaching a critical point in the semester. Make sure you are making progress on the semester papers/projects! Also, remember that the last day to drop a class with a Withdraw is this FRIDAY (March 27th).