Week 6: Homecoming and Family Weekend

Hello Commuters,

As I’m sure you can tell things have indeed started to pick up as we hit the time of midterms (whether that be exams or essays). There are plenty of ways that you can deal with all of these things, personally, I would suggest trying to get ahead on them. Study earlier for your exams, start that 5-10 page essay sooner than you had originally planned on. You should especially plan out how long things will take you to get done and always err on the side of overestimating. It isn’t reasonable to say a 2 page (double spaced) paper will take you 30 hours to finish, but blocking off however much time you think might need to work on something or study for a specific exam, will help when it comes down to it. The time management aspect of being in college can be kind of difficult but if you start off figuring out what works best for you, you’ll have a significantly less stressful time here at Michigan Tech.

On the other hand, with all of the fun things going on around campus, you’ll also want to make sure you get out and enjoy what Michigan Tech is offering. There are a lot of sporting events and other sponsored events that are happening to get people involved in some of the awesome traditions here at Tech. Follow this link, for more info on the schedule of events and things to get involved with. If you aren’t participating in Cardboard Boat races they are still really entertaining to go watch!

Also this weekend is Family Weekend. As commuter students, it seems like this can be a weird time for your parents to come and not do much new on campus. Family Weekend does, however open up a lot of opportunities for anyone to experience some cool things that you might not normally get to do.  For more info on that, click here. I would recommend at least having your family out with you to watch and take part in some of the athletic events going on this weekend.

As these things are related to both Family Weekend and Homecoming, I would like to remind everyone about the events that are FREE and  involve food. On Friday night before the home opener for the Hockey team, there will be a tailgate at the SDC sponsored by the Hockey team and the Blue Line Club. It starts at 5 pm and there will be a ton of FREE stuff given away as well as chili. On Saturday, there will be a Homecoming Tailgate for the Football game on the upper soccer field. This is once again FREE for students with your ID and for anyone who bought a ticket (exception the purchase of alcohol for people 21+).

Next week, the transfer assistant, Brittany, and I will be hosting a pizza party for the commuter and transfer students. There will be FREE pizza for you all, so come and stop by. It’ll be in Fisher on Wednesday October 14th. If you do plan on coming, please fill out this form.

Have a good week!