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Before Thanksgiving Break..

Hello Commuters!

I know everyone is excited for break and the time off from classes that comes with it. I would just like to warn everyone that this also means we are finishing up Week Twelve of the semester. We’re just about to the end of the semester now. I would like to encourage all of you to remember that papers, projects, presentations, exams, and whatever else teachers might be throwing at you WILL be due in the very near future, if they have not been already. As much as I want all of you to take full advantage of your break and enjoy some time without having to go to classes, I don’t want anyone to fall behind because of it. Depending on what works for you, I would recommend getting some stuff done this coming weekend to give yourself the time off all of you deserve!


I would like to get some feedback on an event I will be hosting after Thanksgiving Break, but before finals. If you have any ideas for a study break type event, snacks you’d like to see there, or whatever really, feel free to email me!

Have a good break!


This is not a drill: Week 10

Hello Commuters!

I hope that everything has been going well for the past week. I would just like to remind everyone that it is week 10 of the semester, well into the second half of it. There are plenty of things to be doing, just don’t forget why you are here: 1 – to learn enough to get a degree and 2 – get involved, make connections, and have fun. To continue that thought, First Years, you should have your midterm grades by now. I’m going to remind you to use that information wisely. Those should either give you the idea that you are doing well and to continue what you are doing or that you need to change something quickly.

REGISTRATION! The bi annual Michigan Tech Hunger Games. No matter when you need to register for classes, you should be preparing for it NOW if you have not already done so. The UN classes, any popular classes, PE classes, and plenty of major specific classes can fill up very quickly. Make sure you know how to register, where to go on Banweb, and have a couple of back up classes just in case. If you need to check when you will be registering, you can look at this document as a reference or check your Banweb account (Go to Students>Registration>Check Your Registration Status).


If you are interested in learning about the events going on around campus this week, follow this link to the Michigan Tech calendar for more info!

Also, from my boss, feel like you’re worn down and need some help rebooting? Take a look at the Midsemester Reboot hosted by the Wahtera Center.

Midsemester Reboot
Tuesday, November 3 
Fisher 130, 5:005:45 PM

Did you wake up one day this week and realize more than half the semester has passed? Do you feel far behind or way too overwhelmed? Take an optimistic approach and use advice and strategies from this session to “reboot” your semester and work towards success! We are offering this session based on interest so please express interest by signing up at:

Let me know if you have any questions about registration or figuring things out for the rest of the semester!