Month: December 2015

Semester Crunch Time

Hello Commuters!

I hope that break treated you well and the time off gave you the needed extra energy to finish off the year strong. If you have not already done so, double check your scheduled finals and make sure you don’t have any overlap or ones that like to sneak up on you. As they are so close now, there are plenty of ways to  get stressed, but I would like to remind everyone to try not to do that!

Wednesday, December 9th, we will be having a study break in library study room 114. If anyone is in the library or interested in taking a break from studying or finishing papers, feel free to stop by! We will have granola bars for people who do stop by, otherwise feel free to stop and chat for awhile. It is very important to manage your time well while studying and preparing for exams. Part of that is to make sure you take a break sometime in there to let your brain process all of the information.

Some other study tips, make sure you get enough food and sleep to make sure you are functioning to your best ability.

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