Month: September 2016

Homecoming is here!


This week is Homecoming week! There are plenty of things going on all week that are open for people to check out. Feel free to look around campus and keep an eye out from things like window painting and cardboard boat! If you want to check out more of those things going on throughout the week, follow this link. There are plenty of things to get out and see during homecoming so I highly recommend getting out and taking part in some Tech Traditions!

One in particular is generally accepted as an one of the craziest things we do here at Michigan Tech (maybe not generally, but in my opinion at least). Cardboard boat is exactly what it sounds like. Organizations taking part in homecoming come together to create a boat using cardboard, duct tape, and usually some paint. On Friday afternoon, those groups bring them over to the Houghton waterfront by Chutes and Ladders. Members of each group get in the boat and paddle it in a race, trying to make it back to land before they completely sink. It a whole lot of fun to participate in, but I would argue that it’s more entertaining to watch.

Apart from homecoming, there are plenty of other things to do around campus this (and every!) weekend. From things like Filmboard movies to meetings, speakers, performances and the like, there always something to do on campus. One thing to remind everyone of is the Student Success Summit coming up in just under a week! This is a conference to help students survive and thrive while you all are here at Michigan Tech. There are some incredibly useful options for many different kinds of issues and topics so everyone can get a little something different out of it. If you are interested in this, follow this link to register!

Otherwise, have a good week and feel free to contact me with questions/comments/concerns!

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Prepping for Career Fair and a Good Semester

Hello Commuters!

I hope everyone has had a good week! As I’m sure most of you know, the Career Fest is going on now leading up to Career next Tuesday September 27th. If you are looking to go to any Career Fest events or the Career Fair next week here are some things to keep in mind!

Take advantage of the Career Fest events! These are all set up to get students (all of us) better acquainted with companies and recruiters and closer to getting any kind of jobs you might want. Between the Resume Blitz, mock interviews, and events like Evening with Industry, there are significant opportunities throughout the next week before the Career Fair. I highly recommend utilizing things like the Resume Blitz and mock interviews because even if you aren’t looking for a job at Career Fair, it’ll help hone skills that will be useful down the road. If you are looking to get a job from Career Fair, it is very useful to do some research into what companies you might be interested in talking to and making a plan of attack before you get there. Think you might need help creating this kind of plan of attack? There are people for that! I’m always available to help out, otherwise Career Services offers mentors and helpers that could help out with that!

In addition to Career Fest, there’s some events coming up around campus to get involved for fun and also to make sure everyone has the best semester possible. One of these events is the Student Success Summit called P3: People, Purpose, Passion. It’s a one day leadership and success summit meant to help with things varying from how sleep schedules impact success and leadership roles. If you are interested in registering for that, it is on October 8th from 9 am – 4 pm. Here is the link!

As per usual, I have my office hours every week and you can always send me an email if you need help with anything!

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First Couple Weeks!

Hello commuters!

I hope you’ve all had a good time getting settled in to classes and have enjoyed the (mostly) awesome weather for the first couple weeks of classes! I know that this time can be very exciting and also intimidating looking into the rest of the semester, but fear not! There are plenty of resources at your disposal that can help if you need it. All of the Learning Center, the Wahtera Center, faculty office hours… all of these people are ready and waiting for students like you to reach out to them if you need help with anything. (Links to some of these resources at the bottom of the post).

Another aspect of the first couple weeks of classes is getting involved on campus! There are plenty of clubs and organizations that would love new members and even if you didn’t go to K Day, check them out on Involvement Link or pay attention around campus for fliers that might be interesting to you. If you feel like you are interested in something that you haven’t been able to find around campus or that Michigan Tech might not have, let me know and I can either help you find it or we can look into creating a group for it!

Additionally, the Student News Briefs is sent out every Friday with updates of events on campus that are coming up in the next couple of weeks. In the one sent out this past Friday, events range from the Color Run happening this weekend or BreakSk8 in the Rozsa this Saturday. Check it out and see what you might be interested in participating in this week!

Finally, I just want to remind you guys that I am here to be a resource for you. If you need anything, feel free to email me at or swing by my office hours in the Wahtera Center. (Mondays: 9-10 and 3-4, Wednesday 12-1, or Thursday 10-11) I’m open to meet other times, just shoot me an email and we can set something up. Otherwise, I want to set up and plan events that you would like to do, so let me know! We can do pizza parties, rock climb at the SDC, go to Film Board movies together, ANYTHING*!

*Almost anything

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