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The End is Here

Hello Commuters!

Now that (the much needed) Thanksgiving break is done, I would like to remind everyone that this is the crunch time of the semester. There is plenty going on to keep everyone at least a little on edge but there are plenty of things that can be done to help with that! Finals are right around the corner, so with those to study for and final papers and projects to finish I know everything can seem a little overwhelming. Something that I’ve found helps quite a bit is to plan out your study schedule and stick to it. It is greatly beneficial to make time for each subject that needs to get some attention, also remembering to make some time to hang out and give yourself a break. Remember to go sit down and eat dinner or go for a walk.

In addition to study break time that you plan and execute yourself, there’s a ton of options for campus events to be used as study breaks! There’s organizations that host study breaks all throughout the next couple of weeks. Additionally, groups will sometimes hand out things during the weeks leading up to finals so pay attention while you’re making your way through Fisher, the MUB and the library especially.

More things to keep in mind will include keeping an eye out for opportunities for the Spring semester, summer, and next year. Job opportunities with the Wahtera Center (maybe by a chance someone will be interested in taking over Commuter Assistant *hint hint*) will be talked about during an info session tonight at 6 pm. There’s other opportunities like SURF (Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship) are posted all around campus and will be coming up sooner than you might think. The Student News Briefs generally include these kinds of opportunities so take a look through that when you get those emails on Fridays or check out the blog here.

Most importantly for the last part of this semester is to make sure you’re prepared for it! Final exams, papers, and projects are all important parts of each semester. Plan out your time and make sure you get things done. If you need help, reach out to your professors, TAs, or learning centers sooner rather than later. As always, feel free to email me or visit during my office hours. I will be finishing up my time as an undergrad here at Tech this semester, so I won’t be the one to reach out to for too much longer. If anyone is interested in taking on this job, send me an email and come to the info session if you can.

Have a good week!