Busy Busy Busy

Hello Commuters!

I’m going to take this blog to talk about something a little bit more personal and then relate it back to all of you. Recently I’ve swamped with things to get done on campus. I was working on Keweenaw Awesome Fest, had a programming assignment to finish, was composing a song for a string quartet, all while getting ready to go to St.Louis for a conference. My time on campus since the end of the spring break has been purely a blur trying to get everything that I said I would get done finished. Now having returned from St. Louis and looking back on my experience over the past two weeks I realize that I pushed myself too far, further then I should have. Being a student at MTU asks a lot of a person and part of what defines a person is how they over come the challenges they face along the way. Many students, myself included, are trying to get the most from their time here by being very involved around campus. As commuter assistant and someone who is very involved himself I would say that everyone should be involved in something other than class. The key however is knowing when to stop and start prioritizing. During my past two weeks with all of the running around and late nights, things began slipping through the cracks. For the first time I forgot to do an assignment, and some of my work that I did hand in was not up to my standards. Even beyond school, the chaos started making me a worse friend as well. I stopped responding to texts for most of the time and told people I saw in the hall way I didn’t have time to talk. The morale of this whole story is that you need to learn how much you can actually do at one time. Knowing your limits is key to your success not only in college, but in the rest of your life. Being involved is great, but sometimes if you get asked to help out and you already have a lot of homework saying “no” is important. We’re all here to learn so make sure that you give yourself the time to do so.

That’s all I have for this week, but stay tuned for the next issue of…

The Commute