Nearing the End

Spring has finally arrived in Houghton this past week and just in time for the last weeks of classes. I hope that everyone is keeping up with all of their work as classes are coming to close. It’s never too early to start preparing for any exams or projects that you know are coming up around the corner. Looking ahead can save you from a world of hurt come finals week.

Speaking of looking ahead, there is already an exciting opportunity to be further involved on campus for the fall semester. Auditions for the play “Fires in the Mirror” are taking place on Tuesday April 18th at 8pm in the McArdle Theater. Here is a short synopsis of what to expect from the play.

“How can these things happen? A child is hit by a car while playing on the sidewalk. In retaliation, a young man is stabbed to death. A community turns inward upon itself, neighbor set against neighbor. Can an out-of-balance world be set right?”

The audition will consist of a handful of short readings from the play along with some discussion afterwards. They are looking for 6-11 people of various races and religions and no acting experience is required to be a part. If you have an extra questions about the audition, or the play itself, please contact Roger Held.

Lastly if you want to come support the work of your commuter assistant, me, then be sure to come see the Superior Wind Symphony show “En Fuego”. ¬†This year’s show features music from around the world with the shared theme of bringing the heat. I can’t think of a better way to officially end the past winter months. I will be involved with the sound work for the show so having lots of people at the show would be greatly appreciated. The show consists of three portions featuring the Superior Wind Symphony, the Campus Concert Band, and finally the combination of the two into Megaband! (featuring more than 120 members) It should be a great show and I hope to see you all there.

That’s all I have for this week, but check back soon for another issue of…

The Commute