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Back from Break

Hello Commuters!

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving break. We’re in the home stretch now with only three weeks remaining until finals week, so make sure that you keep working hard. Now in the mean time let’s look at some events happening around campus.

The first event I’d like to talk about is the upcoming comedian Opey Olagbaju who is performing in the MUB ballroom this Saturday, December 2nd. Opey has been a part of a large number of comedy festivals around the country and is known for his unique style of observational humor. Opey’s set revolves around his perspective as a Nigerian immigrant and his assimilation into American society. The show starts at 10pm and is of no cost to students. This event is provided to us by MTU late night programming.

As with my post from before Thanksgiving break there are more performances of the play “Fires in the Mirror” in the McArdle Theater. There are shows this Thursday through Saturday, which all begin at 7:30pm and are free to MTU students through the experience tech program. It should be mentioned that there will be no late seating or leaving the theater during the show due to the weight of the material involved. For more information on the show please reference my previous posting for a rough summary on the premise.

That’s all I have for this week, but be sure to come back for another issue of…

The Commute!

Thanksgiving Break

Hello Commuters!

As I’m sure everyone is aware Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and with it comes a much needed break. Be sure to take the time recharge and prepare yourself before the final three weeks of class. While I’m sure that you’ve heard it all before, if you do plan on traveling during break plan accordingly for the weather and road conditions. With the recent snowfall I’ve seen at least three accidents already from people driving too fast for conditions, so just remember to be aware. That being said let’s look at some events that are taking place before break starts.

The biggest event taking place is the start of the production run of “Fires in the Mirror”, a play being put on by the Visual and Performing Arts Department in the McArdle Theater. It chronicles the viewpoints of people from two different communities, Black and Jewish, connected directly and indirectly to the Crown Heights riot which occurred in Crown Heights, Brooklyn in August 1991. How can these things happen? A child is hit by a car while playing on the sidewalk. In retaliation, a young man is stabbed to death. A community turns inward upon itself, neighbor set against neighbor. Can an out of balance world be set right? Playwright, Anna Devere Smith interviewed members of Brooklyn’s Crown Heights Community and using their own words assembled a retelling of their solemn road from hate and violence to understanding. At once poignant and colored by powerful feelings, Fires in the Mirror is an unusual evening of theatre taking us to the heart of disaster and understanding and bringing us home safe. I should warn you that this play holds no punches when it comes to representing the truth of these events and may be emotional for some to watch. Also due to the weight that the material holds there will be no late seating. Shows run this Wednesday and Thursday and start at 7:30pm, tickets are free to students.

That’s all I have for this week, but be sure to return after break for more of…

The Commute!