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The Commute Changes

Hello Commuters,

I hope that everyone had a great winter carnival and enjoyed the short break from class. After some consideration I have decided to change the aim of The Commute to hopefully provide a more useful resource. Previously The Commute has primarily focused on the different events going on around campus, but I feel that these are already well covered in the weekly student news brief. Since The Commute is aimed at sharing opportunities for involvement on campus however, each issue will now focus on a different student organization. Student orgs are a great resource to everyone on campus and an excellent way to get yourself involved. While the one time events and shows are fun, (see your student news brief for info on those) learning more about student orgs may help you find a way to be involved on campus for your whole college experience.

The first student org being highlighted is Above the Bridge Records:

Above the Bridge Records is a student run record label located on the campus of Michigan Tech.

Our goal is to provide Michigan Tech students, who are interested in the recording industry, a way of gaining professional, real world experience in the field.

We offer free recording services to any student, staff or faculty member, local artists and other groups. 
We try to further the knowledge of music recording to the organization’s members by taking on every aspect and task of the industry. That includes everything from the initial recording, to the mixing, mastering, and even printing and promotion of an album if at all possible.
We want to help foster the local music scene and inspire creativity and collaboration between artists. 
We also try to inspire an interest in audio and the audio arts through our involvement with other campus organizations.
Our meetings are on Tuesdays from 5:30pm to 6:00pm on the second floor of the Walker Arts and Humanities building – room 212.
If you are already in a student org and want to have your group highlighted in The Commute please email me at