Music, and Theater

Hello Commuters!

There’s plenty going on around campus this week, so instead of a long introduction let’s dive into things.

This Wednesday in the Rozsa theater you can come see the high energy show Children of Metropolis. This is a traveling show, originating from Canada, that features a large group of performers all playing different percussion instruments. Many of the instruments featured are being made from different pieces of scrap and metal which is sure to create and interesting show. The show is this Wednesday in the Rozsa starting at 7:30pm.

If you’re looking to hear a very different kind of music consider checking out Keweenaw Awesome Fest or Kfest. Kfest is a two day music festival that takes place in the McArdle Theater (Second Floor Walker) and is entirely run by our campus radio station WMTU and students of the Visual and Performing Arts Department. Music starts at 6pm on Friday and will run until midnight, with the same being true for the Saturday shows. Music style ranges from alternative to hard rock to some stuff that’s just hard to describe, but there’s definitely something for everyone at Kfest. If you’re interested in attending tickets will be sold at the door and can be purchased for one or both nights. For more information visit the official Kfest website.

That’s all I have for this week, but be sure to come back next time for another issue of…

The Commute!

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