Invitation to Comment on Dr. Bri’s Teaching

Briana Bettin

Dr. Briana Bettin (Computer Science) is a finalist for the annual Distinguished Teaching Award, awarded by the William G. Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). The award recognizes outstanding contributions to the instructional mission of the University.

Have you taken a class with Dr. Bri? If so, please support her by sharing your comments! Share your comments here.

Dr. Bri was nominated in the Assistant Professor/Lecturer/Professor of Practice category.

Comments on the nominees are due by April 4 and can be completed online. The process for determining the Distinguished Teaching Award recipients from this list of finalists also involves the additional surveying of their spring classes. The selection committee makes the final determination of the award recipients. The 2022 Distinguished Teaching Awards will be formally announced in May.

For more information, contact the CTL at or 906-487-3000.

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