Junior Developer Program at Amazon Detroit

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Are you passionate about innovation and developer experience at scale?  Are you interested in working on an amazing team that is building new experiences from the ground up?  Amazon is seeking excellent student programmers to work in an internship program located in Detroit.  

Our internship program is special in several respects:

  • We offer work year-round, 16 hrs/week while in school and full-time during breaks. Working schedules are re-arranged each semester to accommodate class schedules.
  • We offer excellent mentoring. We require our full-time software developers to be able and willing to mentor exceptionally capable young developers.
  • We give our interns responsibilities and roles which will prepare them to enter the workforce after graduation with “real world” software programming experience.
  • We pay competitive market rates to our interns. Students who participate in our program routinely say that the real reason they’re here is for the valuable learning experience, especially because of the uniform excellence of the team they work with, the mentoring offered by experienced developers, and the challenge of being a principal contributor to software products. They say it’s like taking an additional practicum course that complements their university experience.  Our software development is mostly in Java, some JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for Web.


  • College Student
  • Ability to work min. 16 hours week (school year)
  • Ability to work full time (summer)
  • Programming Language
  • Systems knowledge
  • Taken Data Structures and Algorithms courses

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Solid knowledge of JAVA or equivalent 
  • Advanced programming classes completed at university
  • Networking knowledge

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