The Business of STEM: Exploring COB Minor Programs

by College of Business

Do you have an interest in business? Looking to enhance your STEM skills and develop frameworks that integrate business and technology? MTU’s College of Business (COB) will be hosting an informational session covering the minor programs offered by the College next Wednesday (April 10) from 4:30-5:30 p.m. The info session will be hosted in AOB 101.

The info session will explore a range of diverse minor programs. Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Innovation, which combines the development of managerial and entrepreneurial competencies with product development in emerging industries, and FinTech (short for Financial Technology), which combines technical skills in programming with financial decision-making and technology, are just two minors that will be defined at the upcoming session. Other minors include Business, Business IT Solutions, Construction Management, Economics, Global Business and Business of Forestry.

Majors outside the COB are encouraged to attend and discover the intersection of STEM and business, learn about the advantages of taking classes within the COB and get to know minor program faculty who prioritize individual students’ success. Pizza and drinks will be provided!

Interested? Sign up for more info!