Human-Robot Interaction Lab Seeking Research Assistants

Assistant Professor Michael Walker, Computer Science, is recruiting graduate and undergraduate research assistants for the Human-Robot Interaction Lab, which will open in fall 2024.

  • Applicants are expected to have strong foundational knowledge in computer science.
  • Prior experience in robotics is preferred, although not necessary if the student has a strong passion for applying concepts from human-centered computing to robot platforms and systems.
  • Robotics is a multi-disciplinary field so students with skill sets from backgrounds including (but not limited to) engineering, networks, systems, human-computer interaction, graphics, design, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, etc. are encouraged to apply.

Dr. Walker’s primary research focus is on human-robot interaction (HRI) with a goal to increase the frequency and effectiveness of mixed human-robot teams in real-world settings. His work has explored the design of immersive mixed and virtual reality interfaces that enhance human-robot teaming in collocated and remote settings for structured indoor environments and unstructured outdoor environments. He is interested in robotic technologies for a variety of domains including households, manufacturing, education, disaster response, and space exploration. Other research topics of interest include human-computer interaction, user-centered design, human-centered computing, telepresence, teleoperation, artificial intelligence, and extended reality.

To apply, please contact Dr. Michael Walker at