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Is it possible to finish early?

Some students supported by the department might be able to complete their degree requirements one or two terms earlier than usual (i.e., before two academic years have passed). If the student and advisor desire, support may be continued to the end of the second academic year to enable the student to continue work on their thesis or project.

This work will be done as CS 5990. However, under no circumstances should a student be coerced to continue work after their degree requirements are complete, nor may the student’s committee delay its review of the student’s work in order to extend the student’s stay.

What is minimum registration?

A graduate student is considered full time during the academic year for all support, visa and financial aid purposes if s/he is enrolled for 9 or more credits.  A graduate student is considered half-time if s/he is enrolled for 5-8 credits.  A student may only drop a course that will cause them to go below that level with permission from the grad director and advisor. Students on a Graduate Student Assistantship are required to be enrolled for a minimum of 9 credits.