Dan Fuhrmann Named Applied Computing Chair

Dan Fuhrmann, Chair Department of Applied Computing

Daniel Fuhrmann, Dave House Professor of Computing, was appointed permanent chair of the Department of Applied Computing in June 2021, having served as interim chair of the department since July 2019. Prior to joining the College of Computing, he was chair of Michigan Tech’s electrical and computer engineering department from 2008 to 2019.

“Dan was instrumental in the creation of the College, and I know that his leadership will help the department achieve its promise,” says Dean Dennis Livesay. “Computing is transforming every discipline and it’s hard to imagine any unit on campus reflecting that more than applied computing.”

“I view the job of department chair as essentially one of service,” Fuhrmann says. “Basically, I want to be useful, and by extension I want the Department of Applied Computing to be useful to Michigan Tech and all of our stakeholders in the Great Lakes region. Anything I can do to improve the lives of our students and promote our regional economic development makes me happy.”

Furhmann sees the growth of the department as his first priority, noting that the unit is making good progress, particularly in cybersecurity and mechatronics.

“To grow student enrollment, we also need to grow the faculty to expand our programs,” Fuhrmann adds. “A larger department can offer more learning opportunities for students, a wider variety of courses, and more resources for faculty research and instruction.”

A second priority for Fuhrmann is helping applied computing academic programs evolve to reflect the reality of what is happening in industry today. “I want very much for our students and our graduates to have the cross-disciplinary skill sets that will be in demand,” he says.

The Department of Applied Computing brings together faculty and programs in the College of Computing with a common interest in applied aspects of computing.