Laura Brown Is Director of Data Science Initiatives

Laura Brown and students

Laura Brown, associate professor of computer science, was appointed director of data of science initiatives in October 2021. The new College leadership position reinforces the growing importance of data science in both the College’s strategic growth priorities and the industries the College serves.

Brown will guide the College’s focus on growing enrollment in the MS in Data Science, work to identify new data science degree opportunities, and assist in developing broad research teams across the University.

“Laura has provided exemplary leadership in data science to the College and University for years. This new role formalizes her role, while also setting our expectations even higher,” says Dean Dennis Livesay.

“Growing data science at Michigan Tech is one of our biggest priorities.” This fall, enrollment in all College of Computing graduate programs jumped 60.5 percent with total graduate enrollment of 183 students. The MS in Data Science grew by 87.5 percent.

Pictured are (left to right) MS in Data Science students Michael Ngala, Sneha Kaiki, and Charlotte Hildebrandt, and Laura Brown