Day: April 3, 2020

Students Changing Departure Plans

We hope this email finds you healthy and being safe. We continue to monitor this fast-changing situation and have updated our procedures for various departure plans to give you more flexibility to choose what is in the best interest of your health and safety.

If you need to change your departure plan, you must email Note that in all scenarios that you must follow the strict move out social distancing guidance given to you and allow no more than two individuals who are not residents to assist you with your move. Overnight visitors are prohibited. Below are listed various scenarios that may apply to you.  

If you are actively living at home/another residence and have not been staying in your currently assigned room:

  • If you’re not actively living on campus, you can email and extend the date of picking up your personal belongings to May 16. We will update you should this date change as a result of new guidance.
  • If you completed the Departure Plan form by the March 27 deadline indicating you would be out by April 12 but wish to change to a later departure date, you will still receive the housing credit as long as you are not actively residing on campus. This assumes only your property is here.

If you are actively living here on campus, planned to stay, but now wish to relocate to another residence and will no longer be using services:

  • If you need to stop actively living here on campus on or before April 12, you can email and request to change your departure plans.
  • You must cease using your residence hall room/dining plan and actively live somewhere else by April 12. Only your property can remain after this date.
  • You can continue to leave your property here up until May 16. We will update you should this date change as a result of new guidance.
  • If you do not use our residential services and live away from campus until your departure date, you may request the $1,100 housing credit when you notify us of your change in plans.

If you are planning to continue to reside in the residence halls through May 2, 2020:

  • If your plans have changed and you need to stay living in the halls through May 2, 2020, you need to email to request that change. 
  • You will not be eligible for a housing credit because you will continue to use services.
  • If you are actively present in the halls, you will need to move out by May 2, 2020. 
  • You will need to follow the checkout guidelines as previously given to you.
  • You are required to continue following the social distancing guidance given in previous emails as you continue to live on campus.

Please note that summer Track A classes will be held exclusively online and summer housing will not be available during the Track A period. Make sure to plan accordingly.

If you need assistance or if your plans do not not fit into the three scenarios above, please contact us at We are happy to assist you. Please continue to practice healthy social distancing and be safe!

We have included the checkout process below for your convenience.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Express Check-Out Process

  1. Bring your key and Husky Card to campus so you can properly checkout and avoid charges.
  2. Come to your residence hall front desk (open 10am-4pm daily) to pick up  the Express Check-Out Form and blue Key Return Envelope. You may need to pick up the forms the day before you intend to leave.
    1. If you are unable to get the check-out paperwork from the desk, you can arrange to have the paperwork slid under your door by filling out the following form.  Please complete the form no later than 48 hours before you intend to depart.  
    2. If you need additional assistance and are unable to contact an RA or the desk, please call DUTY phone at (906) 487-3889. 
  3. Please read the entirety of each document carefully as they contain important check-out information.  
  4. Remove all belongings from your room.
    1. If you have a bike in storage, you have been contacted by the advisor of your building’s hall association on retrieval and storage options.  
    2. Clean your room thoroughly and return the furniture to its original configuration.
  5. Self-report any damages that you are taking responsibility for on your Express Check-Out Form.
  6. Provide a mail forwarding address in Banweb, and check your mailbox before leaving.
    1. Change your address with online accounts, banks, credit cards, and magazines and notify your family and friends that you have moved.
  7. Complete the Express Check-Out Form and the front of the blue Key Return Envelope.  If your form is not already attached to the envelope, please do so and drop both off at the front desk of your residence hall.  If the desk is closed, please place your paperwork in the misaddressed mail slot.

While moving out, please:

  • Get assistance from no more than two individuals that are not in the same residential housing facility as you.
  • Do not allow anyone with a temperature of 100.4F or higher, cough, trouble breathing, or other symptoms of illness to assist you.
  • Maintain at least six feet of social distance at all times unless carrying a heavy object.
  • Do not use common areas.  We have closed common areas due to guidance from the state of Michigan requesting that all people maintain six feet of distance from each other and a need to protect residents staying with us from potentially being exposed to COVID-19.
  • Park in the following lots if you have a pass for Lots 21 or 23:
    • DHH – Lot 10E
    • McNair – Lot 10E
    • Hillside – Lot 4
    • Wads – Lot 17 Upper
    • If you do not have a parking pass or are traveling with someone who does not have a parking pass, you can park in Lot 10 overnight with no penalties.


By participating in the express check-out process, you waive your right to challenge any charges caused by damages in your room.  Each form has a space for you to claim any damage you have caused to the room. Roommates who may have damages are encouraged to contact each other and determine who will take responsibility for the damages.  If no one is specified as the responsible party, all roommates will split the damage charges evenly. Please contact your RA or REC if you would prefer to schedule a full check-out.