Heading to Memphis

Three members from the Digital Services team (Gail, Q, and I) will be traveling to Memphis for the HighEdWeb 2016 annual conference in mid October. If you haven’t heard of this conference, it is wonderful. Web professionals from colleges and universities across the country come together to talk shop. Working in higher education provides a unique set of challenges and who better to get advice from than from your peers—people who have and understand the same problems as you?

A Blueprint for Web Maintenance

Quentin and I will be presenting a poster session on web maintenance during the conference. It is an opportunity to share our blueprint for success—a blueprint slowly and carefully crafted over the past 10 years at Michigan Tech. I don’t want to give away all the details in advance, but here’s a quick outline:

  • Overview
    • About Michigan Tech
    • Website Landscape
    • Web Maintenance
  • Formula for Success
    • Web Governance
    • Shared Maintenance
    • Outreach and Education
    • Tools
  • Summary
    • Tactics
    • Lessons

It is pretty neat that the HighEdWeb community is interested in our story and it causes me to reflect a bit. Web maintenance at Michigan Tech has been successful for a couple reasons. One is that I have a really good team. I mean REALLY good. Two is that we have a number of great clients who respect us, our expertise, and the work that we do.

We have made numerous connections all across campus and really enjoy working with and helping others. Having great people on both sides of the equation helps make a decentralized maintenance system work. Throw in a couple key influencers, support for upper management, and the right tools to get the job done, and you have a great formula to manage and maintain more than 10,000 webpages spanning 150 websites.

I’ll be excited to share our conference materials in the coming weeks. In the mean time, a big thank you to all our CMS Learners and those who have worked with us over the years. We can’t do the work that we do without all of you.

Joel Vertin
Digital Services Manager