OU Campus: A Better CMS for All

March 2021 Update:
Omni Update, the vendor of OU Campus, has since merged with Destiny Solutions. In March 2021, the vendor changed their name to Modern Campus and changed the CMS product name to Omni CMS.

Original post:
We are excited to begin rolling out our new CMS product, OU Campus, beginning in April. We have created an entirely new printed workbook and corresponding blog posts to help campus learn this new system.

There are many things that are easier to do in OU Campus. Each webpage will have a shortcut link in the footer that you can use to easily access and update content directly in the CMS. The update process will be more visual: no more slotting or creating multiple Highlights before assembling your webpage. You’ll be able to publish your changes instantly, instead of waiting for the next scheduled publish.

New Widgets

Campus has requested many advanced features and template options and we have worked to deliver as many of them as we can. We have added many new widgets within the new CMS template. This includes rollover Image Gos, large responsive images, circle/square touts, new layout and video options, and more. Because these widgets go beyond what a non-web professional would normally be able to create, there are a few specific steps to create them in OU Campus. We have streamlined the creation of these widgets as much as possible while still preserving all the code needed for them to function correctly. As with any product, the more options or customizations offered, the more complex it becomes to use and maintain. We have weighed these tradeoffs carefully and have erred on the side of allowing more flexibility, while still following our University brand and styles.

Dedication to Training and Development

It is important to continue to have a dedicated CMS liaison with at least one backup per department. Although the CMS will be easier to use, there is no replacement for having a defined point person in your department. Any new technology has a learning curve, no matter how easy it is to use. Having someone who consistently uses the system will allow them to become efficient and proficient in using all of the bells and whistles available.


Plan for OU Campus training to take approximately two and a half hours. This will allow for ample time for questions along the way. Smaller or less complex sites may not take as much time. It is important to remember that OU Campus is not magic. You still need to know basic industry standards such as the proper use of headings and bulleted lists. It is also important to learn the best practices for creating and updating content to offer the best user experience. These are principles that no CMS product can replace or make up for.

Professional Development

Continued professional development is still important. Regardless of CMS product, the web is too complex and important to think that it can be managed without time and effort. Please keep an open mind, continue to subscribe to our CMS Learners email list, and attend our Web Marketers meetings. These are valuable resources to continue your training and development.

We are really excited about bringing OU Camps, along with a variety of new CMS widgets to campus. We appreciate your willingness to adjust to and learn a new system and we hope this will make your day-to-day jobs easier. Feedback is welcomed—always let us know where we can do better. Thank you.

Joel Vertin
Digital Services Manager