Our Mission

A website is more than a tool. It is a storyteller. A tour-guide to a prospective student who lives nine hours away. A resource for a corporation who wants to connect. A trip down memory lane for an alum. Done properly, a website is the most effective means we have to communicate our message to the world. We are the front door for Michigan Tech.

What We Do

At our core, we strategically tell the Michigan Tech story and are champions of the University brand. With that, the Digital Services team is committed to creating user-centric websites that provide rich content, simple navigation, and vivid design that match and surpass industry standards.

We serve prospective and current students, faculty, and staff. Alumni, friends, donors, and corporations. There’s more though. We serve parents. Family. Those with disabilities. Those with limited bandwidth who are on smartphones. Our websites serve everyone. With that, we create code that is accessible and which loads quickly. We create a user experience that is enjoyable and makes sense regardless of the user’s age, device, or speed of connection. It is a tall order, but we would not have it any other way.

The Process

Standards are constantly changing. Five years ago, users did not like to scroll, but were willing to click. We filled our webpages with sliders that hide content and we tried to keep content “above the fold.” Fast-forward to today and mobile devices have completely flipped the script. Now, no one wants to click, but users will scroll for days.

Keeping Current

There’s a number of ways that we can keep up with changing standards and trends, including

  • benchmarking
  • user interviews
  • surveys
  • analytics
  • and continuing education

Our websites will continually evolve in order to keep our mission. Change can make some uneasy, but with careful planning and diligent communication we can be successful.

Questions and feedback are welcome. You can reach me at jcvertin@mtu.edu or 7-3635.

Joel Vertin
Digital Service Manager
University Marketing and Communications