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  • Diversity Council Reorganization Will Enhance DEIS Communication

    To strengthen Michigan Technological University’s communication on issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging (DEIS), the University’s Diversity Council has been given a new charge. Effective fall 2021, the Diversity Council will serve as a communication hub between the leaders of colleges/major administrative units and the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion (VPDI). This charge was developed with the purpose of coordinating policies and issues that impact goals related to DEIS at Michigan Tech.

    In its revised role as an information exchange among colleges, major administrative units, and the VPDI, the Diversity Council will coordinate policies and address issues that impact DEIS-related goals. Along with the VPDI, the council will comprise one or two MTU faculty, staff, or administrators from each unit, who will be appointed by their dean/unit leader in consultation with the VPDI. The VPDI will convene the Diversity Council and lead its meetings. Diversity Council members will also have a formal communication line to their respective dean/unit head. Meetings will be held monthly throughout the academic year and once in the summer.

    In conjunction with this new focus for the Diversity Council, the President’s Council Task Force for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion has also established two new bodies on campus: the Student DEIS Commission and DEIS Alumni Advisory Board. These groups will give students and alumni a forum to express their ideas and concerns to the VPDI in partnership with both the Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students and the Vice President for Advancement and Alumni Engagement. Working together toward a shared goal, the groups will establish lines of communication dedicated to DEIS issues and ensure there is opportunity to consistently bring their unique perspectives forward to administration for leverage across the University.

    With these three groups, we look forward to building a communication network that not only heightens DEIS awareness, but fosters collaboration to help make Michigan Tech a more welcoming university for all.

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