Day: November 1, 2011

Final exam preparation

Fall 2011 final exams are December 12th through 16th. All exams are two hours in duration. A list of each course, section, exam start time, building, and room can be found at: Or, students can view their personal final exam schedule by logging into Banweb, selecting Student Services, selecting Registration, and selecting Student Final Exam Schedule.
Please check your final exam schedule. If you have a time conflict or more than three exams on one day, the Registrar’s Office will be e-mailing one of your professors to have an exam moved. They will also cc you on that e-mail so you know what is happening. In addition, some larger courses have more than one room for the final exam, please check for your course section number and last name to determine where to go for your final exam.
To help you prepare for final exams, below are exam preparation tips from Engineering Fundamentals faculty.

Do you need to drop a class?

After the last day to drop a class (October 21st), students who have extenuating circumstances must appeal to the Student Affairs office for a Late Drop.
Late drops are not given because:
1. You forgot to drop the course, or you were not aware of the policy;
2. You spent too much time on University extracurricular activities;
3. You wish to avoid a poor grade;
4. You are changing your major or transferring to another school; or
5. You do not need the course to graduate.
The instructions for requesting a Late Drop can be found at: