Choosing a Career/Major, Changing Majors

How to Choose a Career/Major?
There are many factors that go into choosing a career/major. Here are some steps to help:

  • Complete MyPlan on the Career Services web page (see details below).
  • Meet with Career Services to review MyPlan results.
  • Talk with engineers (parents, friends, home/local companies, etc.).
  • Talk to prospective department advisor.
  • Investigate information about different engineering fields at the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

MyPlan can help you in selecting a career. It has four parts: Myer-Briggs personality test, a skills test, an interests’ inventory and a values’ test. It takes approximately an hour to complete all four parts of the test. The results show areas of aptitude. In order to review the results with someone at Career Services, students need to give the Career Services access to their results before beginning the test. Then, students need to make an appointment with a professional in the Career Services office (906-487-2313).

Changing Majors
If you are a new student at Michigan Tech, contact Admissions (, G29 Administration Building) before Wednesday, second week of classes. After Wednesday second week of classes, you must meet with the academic advisor of your new department. For some majors, you will also need to meet the GPA or course requirements for that department. Below is a list of the Engineering Academic Advisors.

Engineering Advisors Contact Information