Dropping a Class

When a student drops a class between 1st and 3rd weeks, nothing appears on their transcripts. When a student drops a class between 4th and 10th weeks, a withdraw grade (W) appears on their transcripts. This indicates that the student took the class for a significant amount of time (more than 3 weeks) and then decided to drop the class. One W on a transcript is not a big deal (check with Financial Aid to see how a W grade will affect your financial aid, scholarships, or loans). More than a couple of Ws will start to indicate to a potential employer that a student cannot complete what they set out to do. After Orientation, all first-year students must meet with their academic advisor to drop a class. After 3rd week, all first-year students must meet with their academic advisor and instructor to drop a class. This allows the student to discuss the ramifications before dropping a class. All students must go to the Student Service Center to drop classes through the Friday of 10th Week. The last day to drop a class with a withdraw (W) grade is Friday of Week 10. After the last day to drop, students who have extenuating circumstances must appeal to the Student Affairs office for a Late Drop. The instructions for requesting a Late Drop can be found at: www.mtu.edu/dean/conduct/policy/late-drop/.

If a student plans to drop all of their courses and withdraw from the university, this can be done at any time during the semester. For information on how to do this go to the following website: www.mtu.edu/registrar/students/registration/policies/withdrawal/.