Month: December 2010

About Blackboard Learn 9.1

Michigan Tech currently employs Blackboard Campus Edition 8 (CE8) as its enterprise-wide learning management system. Blackboard is slated to end support for CE8 in 2013. Blackboard offers the product “Blackboard Learn 9.1” as an upgrade path.   A few faculty and staff in the LMS pilot are testing Bb9.1 hosted on an IT server here at MTU.

Courses tested with Blackboard Learn 9.1

Fall 2010 Courses




Non-CRN course: “NSF Intellectual Property: Copyright and Patents”

Spring 2011 Courses (as of Jan 10, 2011)






Non-CRN course: “NSF Intellectual Property: Copyright and Patents”

Information from Blackboard Learn 9.1 is at:

There are a few ways you can test Bb9.1:

1) Request a free 30-day “preview” account available from Bb.

Note, you’ll need to use the following during the registration process:

Institution Name: Michigan Technological University

Client ID: 304092

2) Request to be enrolled in the MTU Bb Learn 9.1 “Support and Discussion” by emailing

3) Join Blackboard Connections-a central hub, a town square of sorts.  It is where Blackboard users of all sort users can collaborate and share best practices and deepen their knowledge and expertise in all things eLearning.