Customize your Courses List

You can and should customize the courses displayed on your Courses list and user dashboard in Canvas.  Canvas displays up to twelve courses in the Courses menu on the Global Navigation bar on the left, and as course cards on your User Dashboard. This allows Canvas users to disregard any other courses not on your active course list.  Once users have more than twelve courses, they may customize that menu to choose which courses will display on it and as course cards, allowing you to then ignore any other courses that get pushed back to your All Courses  list and only use your courses list and user dashboard.   The All Courses link is at the bottom of your Courses list.  Once you have selected it, you can click the star next to a course to add or remove the course from your list of active Courses.  You can access the written guide online at How do I customize my Courses drop-down menu?  You can also see all your courses by clicking on Courses Tab on the left, then the All Courses link. For more information or help with Canvas at Michigan Tech, visit the Canvas One Stop page.

Tom Freeman
eLearning@Michigan Tech