Month: October 2012

Canvas’ SpeedGrader™ now even better with Crocodoc!

SpeedGrader is an innovative Canvas feature that vastly improves instructor workflow, which has impressed many instructors here at Michigan Tech and across the country. SpeedGrader™ exemplifies Canvas’ philosophy of embracing new ideas for constant and forward-thinking innovation, which sets Canvas apart from the rest of its competitors.  Instructors can use SpeedGrader™ to view different types of online assignment submissions right inside Canvas without needing to download them, and this is a significant innovation in itself. canvas_speedgrader_icon Also, instructors can use SpeedGrader™ to send text and/or audio-video comments to students about their assignment, to attach files for students to view, and to grade using a point scale or rubric, whether the assignment was an online submission or not.  Follow this link to Using SpeedGrader™ in Canvas to read more about it.

The ability of SpeedGrader™ to view and grade online submissions right in Canvas has now been improved with the addition of Crocodoc.  This latest innovation allows instructors to use Crocodoc in SpeedGrader™ to comment and annotate directly on those online file submissions without the need to download or save files to their computer.  Crocodoc’s online annotation features include drawing, highlighting, using strikethrough, adding text comments, and more.

Check out How do I use Crocodoc in the SpeedGrader™? to read more about Crocodoc and see a more detailed list of its tools and features. Refer to Crocodoc Markup in SpeedGrader™ for a video demonstration.  For more general information or help with Canvas at Michigan Tech, and to sign up for eLearning workshops, visit the Canvas One Stop page.

By Tom Freeman – eLearning

eLearning Workshops for Instructors

eLearning staff in the Center for Teaching and Learning is offering introductory and advanced workshops throughout 2012 and beyond to help you use the Canvas learning management system and other education technologies effectively to support instruction. The following workshops will be available this semester.

  • Canvas 101: Introduction to Building in Canvas
  • Assignments and Grade Book in Canvas
  • Pages, Modules and Files in Canvas
  • Basic Quizzes in Canvas
  • Using i>clickers in  Your Classroom
  • Canvassing Your Migrated Blackboard Courses
  • Video Tools for Teaching and Learning

Tom Freeman, Jeff Toorongian and Jeannie DeClerck will lead these eLearning sessions. Each workshop will include approximately 45 minutes of instruction with time afterwards for additional questions. Register at to receive information about date, time and location. Availability will vary.

If you do not see a workshop date/time that works for you, please contact us to set up a consultation.  We also have walk-in hours from 10 am to noon and 1 to 4 pm on Monday through Friday.  Bring your questions to one of our eLearning offices, located in Library 223, 230, 231 and 232.

Turnitin® Available for use with Assignments in Canvas

Michigan Tech has a contract with TurnItIn® to use their service. Turnitin’s OriginalityCheck® helps instructors check students’ work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it against their text comparison database.  When a file is submitted, Turnitin shows how much of the student’s paper matches content from their databases so instructors can quickly understand how much of the paper is unoriginal.

Turnitin is also integrated into the Assignments tool in Canvas.  Instructors can check the “Enable Turnitin Submissions Evaluations” box when creating or editing Assignments in Canvas.  When Turnitin is enabled, online file upload and text entry submissions by students for that Assignment will automatically be submitted to for an OriginalityCheck.  The instructor will be able to see the results in the Originality Report, including what percent of the student’s document matches other documents, and what those other documents are.  They can also use Turnitin’s GradeMark® service while viewing the Originality Report.  Students can see the results of their Originality Report in Canvas too.  Instructors can make them available to students immediately, after the assignment is graded, or after the due date.

Directions for using Turnitin in Canvas:

For more information or help with Canvas at Michigan Tech, and to sign up for eLearning workshops, visit the Canvas One Stop page.

Submitting Mid-Term grades from Canvas

Entering Mid-Term grades into your Canvas grade book has been made much easier this semester.  All the Banner-created Canvas courses for Fall semester 2012 were pre-set by default to have a Mid-Term assignment and grade book column with an appropriate letter grade scheme attached.  That means instructors can simply go directly to their Canvas grade book and type the SA and UN grades right into the Mid-Term column without having to select, modify, or attach a letter grade scheme to it first.  They will then need to go to and click on Submit Grades Electronically via Canvas to use the Grade Wizard to exact those grades and submit them to BANNER.

Instructors still have both choices available to them for electronic grade submission:

You can access these links later at

For directors on Submitting Grades Electronically via Canvas, visit the Submitting Mid-Term grades from Canvas page. For more information or help with Canvas at Michigan Tech, and to register for eLearning workshops, visit Canvas One Stop.

Enable, Create, and Edit Letter Grading Schemes in Canvas

Canvas uses Letter Grade Schemes to associate letter grades with a certain percentage range, and those ranges can be chosen and managed by instructors. Your Fall 2012 Canvas courses currently have a default MTU grading scheme enabled to work with the Total Column in your gradebook.  This is known as the course grading scheme.  There is also a default MTU grading scheme attached to the “Final” Assignment and gradebook column.

You can read and see directions about how to enable or not enable a course grading scheme so you can choose whether or not your Total column also displays letter grades.  You may also want to be able to use your own grading scheme as a course grading scheme, with various grade columns and assignments, or with the Final Assignment and gradebook column for submitting Final grades.

Here are some resources to help you edit and create letter grading schemes in Canvas:

For more general information or help with Canvas at Michigan Tech, and to register for eLearning workshops, visit Canvas One Stop.