Combining Canvas Sections

Instructors at Michigan Tech can use the Combine Canvas Sections tool on the CourseTools page to combine two or more BANNER sections into one Canvas course.  Instructors teaching two sections of the same course can post content just once in a combined section.  Once you have clicked the link to launch the Combine Canvas Sections tool, you can follow the directions provided to combine your sections.

There are some important factors to consider when combining Canvas sections:

  • Almost all instructors should choose to delete the original Canvas course during the combining process.  If the original course is not deleted, students enrolled in your combined section could see both the combined course and the original course on their Canvas Courses menu.
  • Combining sections creates a brand new, blank course so be sure to copy any content you have already created in the original, individual sections before you combine them.  See Copying Content from Another Canvas Course for directions.
  • Only the Official Instructor of Record for any BANNER section will see sections to combine in the Combine Canvas Sections tool.  If two sections taught by different instructors need to be combined, please contact IT-Help to authorize staff to make the change.

You can access Michigan Tech’s CourseTools page directly from inside Canvas by clicking on red Help link in the upper right corner. CourseTools also has links useful for submitting grades, as well as a link to the Combine Canvas Sections tool.

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