Day: April 30, 2014

Creative Canvas Course Contest (C-4) Winners Announced

This spring semester the Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning hosted an “explosive” program intended to showcase the most effective and user-friendly Canvas Courses at Michigan Tech.  The second-annual C-4 competition focused on Canvas courses that are intuitive and easy to navigate, feature good course design, provide convenient access to information and materials students need, and offer resources and activities that help students succeed in the class. Canvas courses were nominated almost entirely by students, but other faculty and chairs were eligible to nominate spring term courses for C-4 too.

Congratulations to this year’s C4 winners:

  • Lauren Bowen (HU3151)
  • Paul Charlesworth (CH1150)
  • James DeClerck (MEEM3502)
  • Timothy Havens (CS5821)
  • Kalen Larson (FA3650)
  • Michele Loughead (BUS1100)
  • Gordon Parker (MEEM4700)
  • Judith Perlinger (UN5100)
  • Joe Wagenbrenner (FW4370)

The CTL Tip of the Week is brought to you by the Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL).   For more general information or help with Canvas at Michigan Tech, be sure to visit Canvas One Stop.