Day: October 2, 2014

New Canvas Feature: Expanded Results Restrictions in “Quizzes”

Instructors can select a new quiz option that lets students view the quiz results only once after each attempt. This option is also designed for instructors who require students to complete quizzes within proctored environments and want to limit quiz result views within that location. To enable this option for a quiz, select the Only Once After Each Attempt checkbox. Students will only be able to view the results immediately after they have completed the quiz. Once they navigate away from the quiz or refresh the page, students will see a message explaining that quiz results are protected and can no longer be viewed.

This option has no effect on instructors, who can always view student results. Additionally, this option may not be appropriate for quizzes that require manual grading, such as essay questions, where students would require additional views to see the updated results.
• The Only Once After Each Attempt option is independent of the Let Students See The Correct Answers option. If both checkboxes are selected, students can only view both their own responses and the correct answers one time. If the Let Students See The Correct Answers option is deselected, students will only be able to view their own responses one time.
• As the Only Once option shows quiz results immediately after a student submits the quiz, the Only Once option will override any show or hide dates or times, so those fields are grayed out and are not available as part of that option. If an instructor wants to show or hide correct answers on any specific date or time, the Only Once option should not be selected.
For further information about how this new feature works with “Moderate this Quiz,” along with pictures and directions to help illustrate how to enable it, refer to Canvas Production Release Notes Featuring Limited Quiz Result Views for Students.

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