Day: October 17, 2014

Canvas by Instructure introduces the MagicMarker App

Canvas by Instructure introduced the MagicMarker app this summer as an efficient and effective way of recording the mastery of learning outcomes in your classroom. As learning outcomes become a more common form of assessment in the classroom, teachers must have a good way to collect valuable outcome mastery information and focus on their students, not on the task of collecting the data. As you effortlessly swipe on the screen, MagicMarker is recording, calculating, tabulating, and reporting all this information for you. By the time you sit down and look at your Canvas Gradebook, MagicMarker will have already updated it with the latest mastery information.
For face-to-face assessments that require a visual inspection or evaluation of individual performance (like research posters, group work in class, and class presentations), teachers lose time—and more importantly, they lose the context—when they assess work in class and transfer assessments to the gradebook later. With MagicMarker, you can assess student competency and understanding related to specific learning objectives or outcomes on-the-spot using your mobile device. Your assessments are instantly transferred to your Canvas Gradebook, ensuring that nothing is lost in translation.
You can check out the MagicMarker (iOS) 1.0 Release Notes to read more about it, see illustrations of it’s functions and features, and link to Download the MagicMarker app in the iTunes store. You can also read more about MagicMarker in the Canvas blog post Eliminating Lossy Learning in the Classroom. For another way to check our MagicMarker you can join in on the CanvasLive webinar Mobile Series: It’s a Kind of MagicMarker! on Tuesday, October 28, at 12 noon. Recordings of this will be available after the event from the same website.

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