Month: March 2015

Creative Canvas Course Contest (C-4)

This spring semester the Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning will host an “explosive” program intended to showcase the most effective, intuitive, and helpful Canvas Courses at Michigan Tech.  The third-annual C-4 competition will focus on Canvas courses that are intuitive and easy to navigate, feature good course design, provide convenient access to information and materials students need, and offer resources and activities that help students succeed in the class.

Studnts, faculty, or chairs can nominate a spring term course for C-4 in just seconds by entering the instructor name, course name, and reason the course deserves recognition.  Nomination
s should be entered on this form no later than pril 11, 2015 for consideration.

The CTLC4explosion Tip of the Week is brught to you by the William G. Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). For more general information or help with Canvas at Michigan Tech, be sure to visit Canvas One Stop.

TurnItIn Service Announcement: Recent Website Access Issues

Over the last three days, Turnitin has been the target of an extensive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack with the intent of taking down the service. A DDoS attack tries to overload the connection to our servers, rendering the Turnitin website unavailable to visitors. Our network team has been largely successful in combating the attacks, though the attempts have occasionally succeeded in causing intermittent service disruptions, slow service response times and other network issues. While these attacks have created intermittent connectivity issues, the attacks have not compromised server storage or data integrity.  Tii logo

Below, we’ve included some basic troubleshooting steps for those encountering issues accessing Turnitin.

Troubleshooting steps:

  • Avoid using any links to the Turnitin service and instead type in the address “” into the web browser (or for UK users).
  • Attempt to access the Turnitin service from a different internet connection (Ex. from home, a library, a cellular data network, etc.)
  • Clear your web browser’s cookies and cache.

Our network team will continue to work to defend against these attacks. For ongoing updates, please visit our System Status page to sign up for email alerts and check our Known Turnitin Service Issues and Notifications page. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


The Turnitin Team

Get a New Perspective in Canvas with Student View

Canvas has a Student View feature available to those enrolled as Teachers, TA’s, and Course Designers.  You can access the Student View button from the right sidebar menu of the Settings screen.  For directors, click on How do I access Student View?

Use Student View to see the course as if you were a student in the course. While in student view the teacher can turn in assignment submissions and see grades and course content as a student would.  “Test Student” cannot participate in discussions or be a member of a group. Student view also provides a Test Student in the grade book starting the first time you click on the Student View button.  You can use Test Student’s row in the grade book to enter sample grades and see their effect.

The CTL Tip of the Week is brought to you by the William G. Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). For more general information or help with Canvas at Michigan Tech, be sure to visit Canvas One Stop.