Month: June 2015

Copying Content from Another Canvas Course

As you prepare for an upcoming semester’s courses, you may want to use or repurpose previously created course content.  Canvas makes it easy for you to copy or import content from one of your courses into another. You can choose to copy all the content (including assignments, modules, files, quizzes, pages, etc.) or you can select individual items to copy.

Imports do not include any student data, enrollments, or input (like assignment submissions, grades, or discussion posts), so it’s a good way to use your previously created content. For a new class of students, you can import content into new Banner-created courses and easily adjust event and due dates. Another typical use is to create a new course, copy content into that course and use it as a template course with contents available whenever you need it.

Check out “How do I import content from another Canvas course?” for an illustrated step-by-step guide to copying content from one Canvas course to another and “How do I create a new course shell?” from the Canvas Instructor Guide to manually create your own new, blank course.  For more general information or help with Canvas at Michigan Tech, and to register for eLearning workshops, visit Canvas One Stop.