Month: November 2015

Revised Front Page in upcoming Spring 2016 Canvas Courses

A change has been made to the Front Page that will be used to create the new Canvas courses for Spring semester 2016.  This change has been implemented in order to provide a more resource-rich tool for instructors to utilize when starting to build their new courses for the upcoming semester.

It is important to note that this new front page is just a resource and cannot be used as the front page students will see in their Canvas course unless you delete all the content on it first.  Instructors will find the new front page simply contains links to help them pursue whichever home page option they choose before deleting the content on that page or simply deleting that page.  Many, if not most, instructors never actually used the current Front Page template because they simply used the Front Page they imported from one of their other Canvas courses, or used modules or the assignment list as their course home page.  Links to help instructors pursue any of those options can be found on the new course Front Page. Also, those who wish to use the front page template that contained the instructor information table will still be able to access and use it.  A link to a new resource we have created called the Michigan Tech Course Set-Up Directory can also be found on the new Front Page.  Follow the link to take a look at a copy of the New Front Page for Canvas Courses, and try out the resources on there that you might use, in advance of new Spring 2016 course creation.

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