Day: February 3, 2016

Canvas Assignment Group Totals are hidden along with Total Column

Your new, unedited Canvas courses created automatically each semester came by default with the option to “Hide totals in student grades summary” checked or enabled. This removed the scores in the Total column in your Canvas grade book from being displayed in previous semesters unless and until you, as the instructor of your course, chose to uncheck and disable this option so your students could see scores from your Total column.

“Hide totals in student grades summary” is still checked by default, but since a new product release initiated by Instructure in early January, having it checked also hides your Assignment Group column totals as well. Course instructors can view this option, along with others they may wish to know about and possibly modify, by clicking on Settings from their course navigation menu, and then the more options link at the bottom of their Course Details page. You can view more detailed directions at “How do I manage More Options in the Course Details tab?

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