Early Term Course Surveys in Canvas

Both the Provost and the University Senate (policy 505.1) advocate distributing an early term survey during the fourth or fifth week of the term to direct and improve instruction. This anonymous survey has traditionally been done on paper during class time, but it can also be done using Canvas.  Using Canvas saves class time, provides more legible feedback, and allows faculty to quickly see survey results and statistics.

The senate policy suggests two free response questions: “What about this course, or my teaching, is helping you to learn?” and “What could I change about this course, or my teaching, that would improve your learning?” Spring 2016 Canvas Courses contain a sample Early Term Survey for faculty to use as is, or modify and use. All you would have to do is publish the survey if you would like to use it as is. You can watch an eLearning screencast and look over the Canvas Instructor Guide’s Quizzes Chapter on our Early Term Surveys Canvas page, and faculty can stop by eLearning walk-in hours for help building surveys and quizzes in Canvas.

The CTL Tip of the Week is brought to you by the William G. Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). For more general information or help with Canvas at Michigan Tech, be sure to visit Canvas One Stop.

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