Month: April 2016

To Do List Links for Summer 2016 Canvas Courses

The new Canvas course shells for teaching Summer 2016 course are now available. Once the upcoming semester’s Canvas courses become available there are a few things many instructors and instructional staff often want or need to do in Canvas. We’ve included links to help you with a handful of them below.

You may want to Customize your Courses drop-down menu to add and remove courses from that menu both now and at the beginning of the new semester. Instructors at Michigan Tech can use the Combine Canvas Sections tool on the CourseTools page to combine two or more BANNER sections into one Canvas course. You’ll want to do this first before doing any building or importing, and be sure to choose “YES” to both of the options you are presented with when using the Combine Sections tool. Go to Combining Canvas Sections for directions. If you would like to copy the content in one of your previous Canvas courses into a new Summer 2016 Canvas course, you can do that too. See Copying Content from Another Canvas Course to find out how. If you would like to enroll a TA, additional instructors, etc. into your course, see Adding New Users to your Canvas Course. And finally, you will need to Publish your Canvas course in order for your students to be able to see and access it.  See How do I publish my course? for directions. You can also check out the new  Michigan Tech Course Set-Up Directory, on the temporary home page of all new Canvas courses created for Summer 2016 courses.

You may just want some help or information, and the best place to start is Canvas One Stop.  From there you can Contact Support, find out about eLearning Walk-in Hours for face-to-face help, get quick links to online help resources, and more. The CTL Tip of the Week is brought to you by the Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL).