Student Attendance View Added to Canvas Roll Call Attendance Tool

The new feature coming to the Canvas Roll Call Attendance tool which was previously delayed has now been enabled and will allow students to view their attendance as part of the Attendance assignment submission details page. This idea originated as a Canvas Community Feature Request that instructors right here at Michigan Tech had also asked for and voted on.

Students can access Attendance submission details from the Grades page too.  Submission details display attendance statistics in the course. Students can view the total number of days they were graded on attendance in the attendance graph.  They can view the specific number of days they have been late, absent, and on time within the total. Students can view the date and day of the week they were marked late or absent below the graph.  The first time students access the submission details they will be asked to authorize the app for their account.

You can follow this Canvas Roll Call Attendance Tool link to find out more about it.  Personnel at Instructure must enable the Canvas Roll Call Attendance Tool by request for each course instructors would like to use it in.  To request it, send an email with a subject line of “Request Canvas Roll Call Attendance Tool“ containing your name, the name of your Canvas course(s) as it appears in Canvas, and the URL/web page address of the course home page (example: to  We will then pass that request on to Instructure and they will add the tool to your Canvas course(s).

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