No Need for Request to Enable Canvas Roll Call Attendance tool

The Canvas Roll Call Attendance tool is now available for instructors to enable in their Canvas courses without the need to make a special request.  Now you can simply enable it on your Course Tools Navigation menu.  Visit our Roll Call Attendance Tool page for directions and video demonstrations.

A new feature rolled out last September to the Canvas Roll Call Attendance tool allows students to view their attendance as part of the Attendance assignment submission details page. Students can access Attendance submission details from the Grades page too.  Submission details display attendance statistics in the course. Students can view the total number of days they were graded on attendance in the attendance graph.  They can view the specific number of days they have been late, absent, and on time within the total. Students can view the date and day of the week they were marked late or absent below the graph.  The first time students access the submission details they will be asked to authorize the app for their account.

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