Huskycast gets an update: Quizzes, Captions, and more!

The Panopto-Huskycast video platform has some new features available to instructors who use video in their courses.  You can now add short embedded quizzes directly in the video to serve as comprehension checks and support student mastery of content. Presentation slides can now be added and modified within the online editor.  Finally, auto-generated captions can now be added to videos.  After editing these captions for accuracy your videos will then be fully accessible for all your students.  These new Panopto-Huskycast features are demonstrated in this short screencast.

Video can be a powerful tool to support students and these new features make the Panopto-Huskycast video platform a valuable resource.  The January, 2017 issue of The Teaching Professor provides good information and resources on effective pedagogical uses of video (Are the Videos in Your Courses Promoting Learning?, pg.5).  If you didn’t receive The Teaching Professor and would like a copy please contact the William G. Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL).

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