New Interface for Adding People in Canvas

When manually adding a new user to a course, instructors can now benefit from an improved workflow process. This change clarifies how to manually enroll a user in a course and avoid unintentional enrollments. In addition to email address, users could always be added to a course by SIS ID or login ID, but the user window didn’t clearly show instructors how to use the alternative options. The enhanced workflow asks instructors to specifically select how they are adding a user: by email address, login ID, or SIS ID (login ID and SIS ID are the same here – everything before in their email address). For each search type, users can be entered manually into the search field, or multiple entries can be copied from a spreadsheet file.

An additional change to this process that we feel is a major improvement is that if an email address is entered, Canvas will search for that user among all Canvas users in the Michigan Tech system.  If Canvas is not able to find a match for that user, the instructor can add a name to associate with that email address and create a new user enrollment for the course. Once the user accepts the course invitation sent to that email address, the user would need to create a password, which will create an account for the user in Canvas.  This is how instructors enroll someone from outside of Michigan Tech into their Canvas course, but it also provides a safeguard against mistakenly enrolling a Michigan Tech user into a course if the email address is entered incorrectly.  You will now be notified that user was unable to be found in our system. You can find out more on Instructure’s How do I add users to a course? Canvas Instructor Guide.

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