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Enabling Course Feature Options in Canvas

Canvas is continually creating new features and changing or modifying others every three weeks as part of Instructure’s attempts to continually improve the user experience. The majority of improvements and changes simply become part of Canvas as part of their regular release cycle. However, some features may change the workflow for common activities in Canvas during your current term and will be placed in your Course Settings as a Feature Option.  This allows the instructor to be able to learn about these features at their own pace by enabling or not enabling the new feature.  After a specified period of time, Feature Options will become standard features in Canvas.

We’ll be discussing new features you can choose to enable or not In future weekly tips.  You can find out how to enable available new features in your Canvas course at How do I manage new features for my course?  You may also want to check out What Feature Options are currently available for my Canvas course? to find out more about course feature options in Canvas.

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