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Best Visit Ever

“Thank you – Best Visit Ever” was the subject line in an email I recently received from a parent. The mother went on to write that the son they visited Michigan Tech with is the youngest of four children, and as such they had attended over a dozen campus visits at other colleges in multiple states. “We were so impressed with so many things.”

She called out the fact that I personally drove them in a van for our upper campus tour (we had overflow that day and it was all hands on deck). Their student tour guides were friendly and informed. At lunch in the residence halls, a staff member overheard her comment about her dietary restrictions and went “above and beyond” to explain the options available for her in the dining hall. “And if this was not enough, our ONE ON ONE (!!) department visit [with faculty] was amazing!” Continue reading

Michigan Tech Launched a Brand Today

I’m fascinated by brands. Not the cowboy kind, but the kind you see on a polo at a conference. The business kind. The kind that’s become a buzzword in our consumer world.

There are many definitions of brand, and if you found 10 brand experts and stuck them in a room together, odds are even they couldn’t agree on what exactly is a brand? But certainly no one would underestimate the power of a brand. And not a single person would argue a brand isn’t necessary.

A brand is vital. Continue reading