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Everything I need to know about recruitment, I learned at a flea market

In my past life, I owned and operated a flea market. I had a booth of treasures, sold popcorn and ice cream, performed magic tricks, and met a lot of interesting people. Maybe I didn’t learn everything about recruitment during this time, but looking back, there are a lot of skills applicable to undergraduate recruitment.

Be honest

Whether you’re selling leaky buckets or repaired inflatable swim toys, to the right person, there’s value in these items. Being honest goes a long way. It’s the same with higher education. Michigan Tech is far away, snowy for most of the time students are on campus, it’s hard, and it’s expensive. Be honest and show the value in what most see as hurdles. “We get a lot of snow and our students love that they get to ski every day, or try something new like snowshoeing.” Tell a story. Help them picture themselves at your institution. Continue reading