Impact of Summer Internships and Jobs on Michigan Tech Students

Each summer college students take part in a pilgrimage to summer employment destinations. These positions provide students funds to use toward their education and allow them to take their acquired knowledge for a test drive, helping them develop new skills and discover career aptitudes along the way.

Michigan Tech students taking part in employment opportunities in the summer of 2016 were polled to discover what they enjoyed most about their experience. Students noted their number one pleasure was working in a professional and collegial working environment. A student working at the Oshkosh Corporation in Wisconsin noted the “people first culture, making a global company have a small town feel.” Others appreciated the diverse workforce they got to work with, “to live and work with over 100 interns around the world and country.”

The hands-on use of their newly acquired knowledge ranked second among respondents. One student’s observation “I enjoyed learning how the same physical aspects of Civil Engineering intertwined with the technical aspects. How civil materials were tested in the lab for most practical and efficient use in the field.” Others were involved in challenges ranging from writing new training manuals for new and existing equipment to designing and approving all art work and designs for a business.

In the end, students enjoyed contributing to the teams and organizations they worked for, feeling that their contributions were valued. They noted being treated like full-time employees. This respect manifested itself in the responsibilities they were given such as: in charge of purchasing $50K+ of supplies, collected and analyzed component pricing globally then proposed next steps to help create a uniform pricing strategy, and supervising professional crews to complete multiple projects. Students left these positions with the confidence that they can successfully apply the knowledge they are acquiring. They also found themselves acquiring new skills involved in the careers they are pursuing ranging from leading teams to building web apps to monument preservation.

Summer jobs and internships play a vital role in the personal and professional growth of each student. The value of knowledge and acquisition of skills increase in value only when they are put to use productively. The value of summer break lies in more than just time off from school!