Putting the Pieces Together

Undergraduate recruitment is like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Fun, challenging, frustrating, and gratifying when all the pieces come together. The only problem with the recruitment puzzle is that the final picture isn’t always clear. Here at Michigan Tech, we have several directives: recruit smarter students, more students, more female students, more students interested in STEM, more non-STEM students, more diverse students.

Despite all of this—or perhaps because of it—we welcomed the largest incoming class this fall since 2008. In addition, we had the highest number of applications in University history, the highest number of applications from female and minority students, and enrolled the highest percentage of female students in the incoming class in Tech’s history (28% if you’re curious; up from 19% in 2005). Continue reading

ROI on Higher Education

While return on educational investment (ROI) is not everything students and parents look for when they select an institution, it’s certainly more top of mind than it used to be. Payscale has a new interactive webpage to compare 20 year ROI against student loan debt upon graduation. Here I’ve filtered the scatterplot to show only research institution and noted a few stand-outs against Michigan Tech.