NameCoach now Available

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To all Michigan Tech instructional personnel: Learning and correctly pronouncing names is challenging, but it’s one of the best things an instructor can do (and encourage students to do) to promote a comfortable learning environment. There’s evidence that learning names can reduce cheating, increase academic performance, and aid in overall classroom management. Knowing this, I hope you’ll take advantage of the new “NameCoach” tool that’s available in the left toolbar of every Canvas course this fall at Michigan Tech. “NameCoach Recorder” allows an instructor or student to record their correctly pronounced name as well as indicating an “honorific” and preferred pronouns. Recording once (for any class) will make the name available for all sections. “NameCoach Roster” displays a list of recorded names, honorifics, and pronouns and allows class members to hear and practice any names listed. A screencast demonstration is available if needed. The process takes less than five minutes, and students new to Michigan Tech will be asked to record their names as part of orientation this fall. I encourage instructors to record their own names and to ask all returning students to do so as well. Remember that names that you consider easy to pronounce (including your own!) may seem very difficult for others. Student questions about making recordings can be directed to (7-1111). This initial implementation of NameCoach was co-sponsored by the William G. Jackson Center for Teaching and Learning and the Center for Diversity and Inclusion.